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Douchebag scores two, beats Flames


On Monday night, it was this douche who beat the Flames with a pair of goals in their own building. It was scoreless until the Flames’ Eric Godard chicken-winged a puck past Evgeni Nabokov… only to have it disallowed. So the Flames did what any Cup contender does: shit all over their bed. Keenan decides to send in four forwards on the power play, and Alex Tanguay, playing defense for what appeared to be the first time in his life, lets the puck squirt by him on the point. Michalek races past, picks it up, and pots it past Kipper. One goal later, Keenan yanks him for Mc-what’s-his-face, the rookie, who then allows one goal on two shots. Highlights, if it’s possible to label them as such, are here: tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=221210&hubname=nhl


One Response

  1. Flames sucked. I was at the game. They skated through molasses, and all the flashy arena entertainment didn’t cover up a loser hockey team.

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