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Smyth returns to Edmonton, cries like bitch


Jagr returns to Pittsburgh in a Rangers jersey last night and gets booed every time he touches the puck. Smyth returns to Edmonton, the first time since GM Kevin Lowe made the worst Oilers trade since Gretzky, and gets a standing ovation. While the Oilers  wanked him off with a video presentation commemorating his 12 seasons in the Alberta capital, Smyth kept his head down. Ostensibly to keep 16,000 people from knowing he was bawling. Needless to say, Smyth fooled everyone with the ol’ “something in my eye” defense that has worked for millenia. Not that we can blame him. Poor bastard had his legs chopped out from under him. Now he  has to play at the Pepsi Center, where Qwest employees show up because they got sympathy tickets for failing to win the $450 nosebleed tickets to the Broncos.


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  1. […] medical details.) The Flames’ Keenan chose not to review the call, the game goes into OT, and Smyth wins it for the Avs. You can sign the “NHL Should Fire Mick McGeough Petition here. Over 2,400 […]

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