Souray hurt with non-wife beating related injury


The Edmonton Oilers’ big, big, utterly huge, off-season signing, which is really fucking massive when you think about it, is hurt. Sheldon Souray is out for 3-4 weeks with a separated shoulder. Sources tell us it was not related to hitting his wife.


2 Responses

  1. Whatever. Still, my favourite line from the Souray article is “Souray wants to remain in Montreal, and firmly denies rumours he’s asked to be traded.” Which says all you need to know about his groin, his foot, his shoulder and his wife. My money is on him having cancer, which a “subsequent” shoulder examination will reveal.

  2. […] He sure did. And he wasted no time, scoring a goal in the Oilers surprising (surprising!) SO victory last night. Atta boy, Shelly! You’ll make a huge difference to these losers! On second thought, the NHL’s hardest shot could come in handy for the league’s D.F.L. power play. Provided they can set up for the damn thing. It takes a half hour just for the wind-up. […]

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