Bob Cole is 20 percent crazier than we thought


The so-called Voice Of Hockey, which lately doubles as the Voice Of Senility And Adult Diapers, has lost his shit. He hasn’t a clue who plays in the Western Conference and sometimes forgets there is a Western Conference. Thus, Harry Neale, his similarly elderly but less confused colour man, left Hockey Night In Canada and his Toronto regional broadcasts for the local Buffalo broadcasts. Sure, he lives near Buffalo, but a new book suggests there’s more to it, possibly having to do with Bob’s Jihad against pants. And because he’s bat-shit crazy. Exhibit A?  The details in the Globe and Mail‘s review:

“[Ralph Mellanby’s new book] Walking With Legends‘s book, written with Mike Brophy of The Hockey News, is a gossipy, behind-the-scenes look at Hockey Night and its personalities, one of whom, Cole, is described as “something of an eccentric.”

Cole wouldn’t, and presumably still doesn’t, allow anybody to touch him during his play-by-play announcing, perhaps because he unbuckles his belt and has been known to lose his pants.

“Mister, don’t ever touch me again,” he said once to his young broadcast partner, John Davidson, after Davidson tapped him on the shoulder.

For a while, Cole wore a toupee. “I was shocked,” Mellanby writes. “You don’t need that,” he told Cole. “I’m trying to look good for TV,” Cole said.

Cole, “a little gullible,” was ready to punch out Hockey Night host Dave Hodge after Hodge told him, jokingly, he was going to be fired for telling dirty jokes at a banquet. Cole was in tears, then enraged when told it was a joke.”


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