Kiprusoff signs six-year deal to stay…here?


Kiprusoff,  pictured here with a one-way ticket to flavour country, in the middle of what looks to be either negotiation or a transaction,  just signed the longest contract in Flames history.


7 Responses

  1. i love this photo. i really do. it’s always been one of my favourite “underground” hockey snapshots. And it’s an all-occasion photo. Flames don’t make the playoffs? Look why. Flames make the playoffs? Maybe relaxing with some brews, smokes and strippers was what they needed. New contract for Kipper? Now he’s celebrating. Kipper gets traded? Now he’s hit rock bottom. It’s fucking awesome…

  2. And look at Phaneuf. He’s all, “yeah, you’re right. Harry Potter is NOT just for kids.” She’s all “we totally have a connection right now.”

  3. I JUST noticed it, but is he lighting a cigarette FROM a cigarette? Is the fucking guy CHAIN smoking?


  4. Curtis:

    Yes. Chaining it up, this elite athlete.

  5. Of course Kipper runs a few darts after the game——–he is from Europe. Not too sure what Dion’s excuse is though….maybe he is trying to lose weight. Maybe they pay these slappers with smokes?

  6. They don’t use lighters where he’s from.

  7. […] rising and his save percentage waning while his pay marches skyward. Darryl Sutter, who tendered this deal, clearly graduated from the “reward ‘em anyway” school of thought. (Apparently, […]

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