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Two Minutes For Slicing In Half


Well, they handed Nashville their first road victory of the year last night. A 3-0 shutout no less. Canucks management is thrilled: They may have lost, but on the bright side, two of their players were hospitalized. Both are Van City’s best blueliners, Kevin Bieksa and Sami Salo, a tough guy and power play QB, respectively. Bieksa got into the spirit of Halloween and dressed up as a human cutting board. It was a hoot! He even fooled Predator Vernon Fiddler, who sliced Bieksa’s calf with his skate. Then the party really got going when Salo took a puck in the face from a teammate. Both of these will take a long, long time to heal. So what’s a team to do when they’re hemorrhaging defensemen? Call up? Trade?

Could this team be any more fucked right now?


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know why, but whenever I see the name ” Kevin Bieksa”, I get a craving for sausage–specifically, kielbasa. Maybe it’s the spelling similarities, but kielbasa is awesome. mmm….keilbasa *drools*

  2. Maybe its because his face looks like it went through a sausage grinder…

    hey oh!

  3. […] game just to watch you! You’re the awesomest! We also went because Vancouver’s defence corps have been hit with every ailment except for Ebola. So we promptly sneaked down to the good seats. Anyway, as I preparing to laugh at Van’s […]

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