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Matt Nickerson: Iceman or Caveman?


You know that nasty guy sitting in the bar? The walking time bomb you’re sure will level your ass if you even look sideways at his girlfriend—which is probably a glass of beer? Well, defenseman Matt Nickerson is that guy. The American ruffian who plays for Ässät in the Finnish big league went berserk in only the sixth game of the season, slashing the fuck out of the hand of an opposing forward who’d already shot the puck. He then chased another forward around the ice in an attempt to take someone with him in the match penalty he was assessed for the egregious attack; it took two linesmen to peel him from the guy, and on his way off the ice he attacked a goalie. A week into his resulting 3-game suspension, he shoved an opposing player who smirked at him while he was loitering in the locker-room hallway after another match (illegally, according to suspension rules), drawing another 5-game lift. He’s a Yank but we love him ’cause he’s all heart; he has to be—there’s clearly no brains in there. Just look at those Neanderthal features!


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