More scoring and leaving than a John Holmes “film”

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What in the hell is wrong with American hockey fans? When your team is playing well, winning, and out-battling a worthy adversary you need to be fastidious about getting bat-shit crazy. You need to be self-righteous assholes who think that you can take on the world, and damn anyone who tells you otherwise. You need to behave like…Americans. Last night, the Avalanche hosted the Flames. I wore my 1989 Calgary jersey (it’s #2 and MacInnis on the back, thanks for asking) and expected some confrontation. Nada. After Calgary outplayed them early in the first, peppering Jose Theodore with good chances and scoring early, the Avs fought back. Kiprusoff played brilliantly and made several highlight-reel saves. But the Avs scored four unanswered goals and thew the body. Nystrom dropped the mitts with Laperriere, who then required stitches. And yet the stadium was as busy as the Kelly Clarkson tour. What more do you want? Does Paul Stastny have to deliver a baby and bake a challah at center ice to get your attention?


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  1. “bake a challah at center ice..”? brilliant.

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