30 Games, 30 Rinks, 30 Nights, 99 Beers, Infinite Urination.


Tampa Bay Lightning fan Steve Williamson is on a major mission. He intends to watch 30 NHL games in 30 different cities on 30 consecutive nights. Unless it’s the Canucks’ schedule, we usually don’t condone such CO2-inducing behaviour. Still, it’s an impressive feat, so you’d expect the guy who’s hitting the cover of every sports page in every city he visits (slow sports days?) to produce a scintillating blog. Like this triple-A commentary from last night’s Battle of Ontario: “Had one minor crisis at the game….I got ketchup on the sleeve! of my jersey! I’ve no idea how it got there….perhaps a Sens fan wanted me to wear red!” Can’t wait to see what he comes up with at tonight’s Penguins-Flyers tilt: “Some douchebag spilled beer on my program… and Crosby got wet!”


2 Responses

  1. Maybe we should cheer for him if he shows up to 30 days of work consecutively.

    And tomorrow’s blog will be:
    “Damn it, out of nachos, but still have cheese….Eating cheese with finger”.

  2. this guy is a douche bag.

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