NHL DUI Watch, Day 2: John LeClair Busted In Vermont


Miss a day, miss an NHLer getting busted for boozing and driving. Today it was revealed that former NHL great John LeClair has been arrested for drunk driving. He pleaded no contest to reduced charges of careless and negligent driving. (Last year the Penguins put him on waivers and nobody wanted him.) It was LeClair’s second DUI charge. His astonishing love affair with getting loaded aside, LeClair is best known for playing alongside Eric Lindros and Mikael Renberg on the “Legion of Doom” line. Now he just plays at The Legion.…and the budding second line on the NHL’s DUI all-star team.


5 Responses

  1. nice… urp!

  2. As a felow Vermonter (now in Canada for edjumakashun) , I’m surprised and not surprised by it. I’m just…wow. I’m not surprsied he was caught, I’m just surprised he was in Milton.

    /inside joke

    But hey, if you were John LeClair, wouldn’t you be drinking?

  3. EDIT: I had to look up where Milton was , and thenI realized that it’s kinda close to St. Albans, which is where he’s from. I retract what I said about Milton

    What I said about drinking, however, stays

  4. John was a boozebag in college & when he first played for Montreal! It’s the REAL reason why they traded him. My old boyfriend (his HS bff) used to go up to party with him all the time.

  5. Knowing John a bit better than most, I think it’s safe to say that it’s absolutely ridiculous for people to point fingers when they don’t know enough. First of all, he went to UVM. Who doesn’t drink at college, let alone UVM?! And secondly, there are factors that aren’t worth sharing with the rest of the World, and he doesn’t need to validate himself to anyone for the mistakes he’s made, for everyone is entitled to them. It’s a shame that people will jump the gun on issues they know nothing about.

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