Lindros retired. And he donated $5 million to the Fowler Kennedy Sports Medicine Clinic, a sports medicine clinic who treated him. The donation was probably born from guilt for putting his fans through bullshit, giving Bobby Clarke ulcers, snubbing the province of Quebec, and pissing off his cottage country neighbours who endured his “I’m rich, bitch!” parties near his Muskoka manse. A worthier recipient of that money would have been to the surgeon who installed his hair plugs. Unless, of course, that doctor just had a great sense of humour. If so, somebody buy that guy a beer.


3 Responses

  1. With Lindros retiring and John LeClair chatting with the cops, it makes me wonder what Mikael Renberg is up to these days

  2. Renberg? We’d love to know. We’ve already contacted NAMBLA about him.

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