Niedermayer Coming Back in December, Training With Losers

So says the LA Times. Scott Niedermayer who’s NHL status has been Meh, I’ll See What Happens, is training for a December return. How do we know he’s serious? He’s training with losers.

Ducks GM Brian Burke will pro-rate his salary and pay $4 million of his $6.75 million contract. Those savings against the salary cap will either buy Slurpees or a forward who can actually score without Teemu Selanne holding their hands. (The Ducks are 6-8-3 without him and Niedermayer.)

Meanwhile, Niedermayer is training with two NHL pariahs: Jeff Friesen and Travis Green. Friesen, a speedy left winger with a lazy streak, was given a one-year contract with the Flames last year. It wasn’t renewed. And Green, who’s been traded eight times, played 24 games with Toronto last season. He’s currently signed to the Swiss League.

We get it, Nieds. You’re not messing around. If Radiohead wants to practice with Milli Vanilli, that’s their call.


3 Responses

  1. I don’t know… the way their dollar’s going US$2.75 million may not be enough for the Slurpees. Maybe if they step away from the brand name and go generic, but I can’t see Burke lowering himself to that level… you know, what with him being all level-headed and rational and shit.

    Five bucks (Canadian) says Travis Green is back with the Leafs by February.

  2. Speshul Neids looks like he just saw something shiny in that picture and is totally mesmerized by its beauty.

  3. […] Scott Niedermayer who will surely be coming back from retirement: “He’s back skating. There’s some indication that he might want to come back but […]

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