Videos: Thursday Night Fights

On Thursday night the Devils took on the Flyers. But it was the battle of Manitoba that got our attention. Seems Winnipeg’s 230-pound Riley Cote and Portage La Prairie’s 210-pound Arron Asham couldn’t resolve their differences over VLTs at the Pembina Hotel. Sometime later, the Flyers lost to the Devils. We think. We TiVo’ed this and had it on repeat until we our eyes got sweaty:

And in a game against Vancouver, the Flames, who have shat so much in their own bed that they’ve elected to dig a latrine in it, failed to show up in the first two periods. All of them but an injured Dion Phaneuf, who had an X-ray done on his leg just hours before the game clearing him to play. Phaneuf took exception to Matt Cooke‘s hit on Daymond Langkow and then uppercuted Mattias Ohlund until he got bored:


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  1. […] so. So, with like 9 minutes left in what seemed anything less than a dramatic game (except for Phaneuf tuning up Mattias Ohlund), and the Canucks up 3-0, the Flambes decided to put on a show of extreme force. Anders Eriksson, […]

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