Flame-roast: Canucks Donate Goals to the Less Forunate.


Does this ring any bells? Can’t mount an offence to save their lives (lost four in a row)? Drought among the stars (Iginla scoreless in 8 games against Vancouver)? Thought so. So, with like 9 minutes left in what seemed anything less than a dramatic game (except for Phaneuf tuning up Mattias Ohlund), and the Canucks up 3-0, the Flambes decided to put on a show of extreme force. Anders Eriksson, scoreless in 90 FUCKING GAMES and Owen Nolan, also a goal-starved loser looked so desperate in the ensuing scrambles that Vancouver, in a moment of charitable weakness, decide to let the pair have their crappy, much-needed goals before shutting the door on the sputtering flames for good. Coasties are such flakes; that kind of charity doesn’t even earn you a tax-deduction.


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