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Important News: Irrelevant Trophy In Jeopardy. Maybe.

clarkson1.gif(Adrienne Clarkson)

The Clarkson Cup, created by the only hobbit to have ever held the post of Canada’s Governor General, was founded as a women’s hockey equivalent of the Stanley Cup. Women’s hockey is in the Olympics, after all, and Clarkson felt it was time, especially since Lord Stanley’s stein has become the single-most coveted trophy in sports.

The Clarkson Cup, not so much. Seems they can’t agree on how to design the trophy itself. The silversmith commissioned to build has yet to be paid and believes Hockey Canada is actively searching for a new designer. The current design features a large cup perched on a slender stem with two large handles. It’s supposed to symbolize a strong woman with her hand on her hips. (That’s what the artist says.) Maybe the dispute is about cup size. Anyway, Wayoffside thinks this is a tragedy. We believe in women’s hockey and don’t think it gets enough respect. Those bitches can really skate.


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