Sabres Fall on Swords, Land in Basement.


It should have been John Ferguson running himself through with a sword. But instead it was the struggling Buffalo Sabres that finally hit rock bottom in the tough northeast division last night—literally and figuratively—falling 3-0 to cross-border rivals the Toronto Maple Leafs. Maybe they can try to blame the distracting sea of Leafs jerseys in the audience, but when it came down to it it wasn’t their usually sagging offence (they bombarded the Leafs with 30 shots) as much as Andrew Raycroft putting in his most solid performance of the year for the shutout, the first in which a goalie actually won a game for the Leafs. Well, he and the returning Bryan McCabe plus Mats Sundin, who both came away with a goal. Ironically, McCabe’s last appearance in Buffalo had him wanting to kill himself after he scored the winning goal—on his own net.


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  1. What a diffrerence a year can make. It just shows how a few good players can turn a team around. Unfortunately for Buffalo they lost a few good players. The Leafs on the other hand haven’t had a few good players in years. Poor Mats.

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