Update: The Greatest Goal Never Scored


Jeremy Roenik’s 500th goal looks suspiciously like it might have been scored by Phoenix goalie Alex Auld.

[Jake’s update, because Micah’s account of this sucks:] Auld fucked it up. His mea culpa went to the Canadian Press. “I wish for his sake it could have been nicer,” Auld said. “I went over to play the dump, it hit the glass, and hit the net, bounced off me and I put it in. You never want to be the guy who gives it up, you’ll be on the highlights a lot.”

Roenick skated a few victory laps after the game with his son (just like he did after scoring his 10th career hattrick last season) stopping short of dropping his pants and waving his wang at the crowd, screaming “You see this? YOU SEE?”
Incidentally, Alex Tanguay scored his 500th career point the same night…and didn’t even know it until it was announced on the loudspeaker. Speaking to CBC he said, “I had no idea. I just love this game and want to keep on playing as long as I can.”


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