Lawyers: Tlusty’s Gay Photos Are Entirely His Property


Jiri Tlusty hasn’t been getting a lot of press with the Toronto media, mostly because the versatile forward hasn’t done much for them. (Neither has anyone else.) The celebrity media, however, is begging Tlusty to “come out of the dressing room” following the release of a few photos. The first shot shows a drunk-looking Tlusty tonguing a guy (see below). In the next batch of photos he appears sans pants (uh-uh. Not here). First broken on, the story was also posted on, which gets a shit-ton of hits (Canadians: that’s “shit-metric tonnes”). Both sites posted shots of Tlusty with his little goalie hanging out, purportedly shot with Tlusty’s own camera phone for a girl he met on Facebook. We can’t write shit this good, people. If you’ve read the archives, you already know this. Anyway, IsThisHappening was soon hit with the lawyerly word scramble below.

Hiring lawyers to scare others into denying your gayness is not the answer. Because Tlusty is probably not gay. And he’s probably not going to help the Leafs this season. But he should probably avoid the camera for a while.

The letter, courtesy


The tongue shot:



4 Responses

  1. damn! how have you managed to scoop us all so badly? we’ll never beat this one Brogoch!

  2. I was “BarelyLegalJenny” on Facebook.

  3. […] doesn’t get a lot of minutes, but he gets a lot of press anyway. Today Belak gave his take on the Tlusty gay photo sceneario to TSN. “It’s tough in this city to censorize anything,” he said before […]

  4. […] on CBC, Toronto Maple Leafs rookie forward Jiri Tlusty issued a statement late Tuesday regretting photographs of him that appeared on the internet. By now even the Queen knows about the homoerotic nude photos the 19 year-old forward took of […]

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