Way Offside Accounting Department: “Kiprusoff Blows”


This just in from the Way Offside Accounting Department:

Despite a 40% pay increase and better defensemen in front of him, Miikka Kiprusoff has had more go between his legs than the women of Whyte Avenue. Yes, the Flames (barely) won last night…at home…against the lowly Wild…who were without Sigfried and Roy or Gaborik or Demitra or whatever. Moving right along: The pathetic graph above, using Kipper’s actual numbers, shows that his goals against have been rising and his save percentage waning while his pay marches skyward. Darryl Sutter, who tendered this deal, clearly graduated from the “reward ’em anyway” school of thought. (Apparently, this school of thought also espouses the wearing of Tweety Bird ties on national television, side-mouth talking, and contempt for all non-Sutter entities.)

So in Sutter we trust. Until January.


One Response

  1. “Lowly Wild’? Where have you been? ON a bit of a skid, yes, but not lowly…yet.

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