Mexican Soccer League Expanding: Meet The Prince George Timbersnatchers!


Confused? So were the people of Nashville when the NHL announced that they suddenly had a hockey team. Ten minutes later, Craig Leipold put the Predators up for sale. Then they were only for sale to Americans. And now they’re not for sale to anybody. Today it was announced that the silly bastards couldn’t even agree on a news conference to announce that local businessmen had stepped in to buy this piece of shit franchise. Yes, the Predators ownership has stacked the board with 14-year-old girls. They think that 11,000 people attending an average game is perfectly healthy.

You know that feeling after you dump the girl who doesn’t have Downs but insists on pronouncing the word “specific” like it’s the world’s biggest ocean? You love that feeling. Leipold doesn’t know what he’s missing.


2 Responses

  1. Move them to Mexico City and rename them the chupacabras It won’t improve sales, but having a team called the chupacabras would be so awesome it’s not funny

  2. I think we’re all on the same page with what should happen here, let’s dream for a moment:

    The Fort St. John Lumberjacks!

    Get some jersey’s printed people, it’s go time.

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