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Quotes du Jour


“[They] have kicked [the Leafs] into a ditch of mediocrity….they should stay on the board and read ledger sheets.”
-former Maple Leaf executive, Bill Watters, on team executives Larry Tanenbaum and Richard Peddie

“He’s the MVP of the league as far as I’m concerned.”
-Ottawa winger Shean Donovan on teammate Daniel Afredsson’s two-goal performance against last-place Sabres, right before he went down on him in the shower. 

“He’s won three playoff rounds for us and he deserves to play somewhere. I promised him, ‘If I can’t get something of value for you, we’ll put you on waivers.’ When a player gives you everything he has and he’s a quality person, he deserves a chance to play. And if you can’t manufacture that chance, then this is the way you have to do it.”
-Ducks GM Brian Burke on giving up goalie Ilja Bryzgalov for what will surely be cap room to add a scoring forward.


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