Hockey’s New Superpower?

ilja.jpg Kovalchuk

We have no idea what a thrasher is. Or does. Or why a hockey team should bear it’s name. But the Thrashers could be a pitch-black horse. When Atlanta GM Don Waddell fired coach Bob Hartley to do the job himself, Hossa had his head up his ass, Kovalchuk sat on the bench, Lehtonen hemorrhaged rebounds, and the Thrashers were at an appalling 0-6. Since Waddell stepped in, they’re 10-4 and Kovalchuk has scored more goal than anyone in the league. All this, despite a hurt Kari Lehtonen. Last night Atlanta dominated Tampa Bay in the first, lost their shit in the second, and tied the game in the third because Kovalchuk pulled plays out of his ass. Then they squeaked by Tampa in OT, sending back-to-back allstar of the week, Vinnie Lecavalier back to his closet.

Atlantans would be out turning cars over and burning dumpsters in the street if they knew what hockey was.


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