It’s a Hockey Game Game!


What are those fuckbags at CBC thinking? It’s like they invented hockey or something. Which they didn’t. It’s like they grew Lanny McDonald’s moustache for him. Which they didn’t. It’s like they built and flooded the backyard rink that Gretzky practiced on as a kid. Which they didn’t. All they’ve done is have a stupid show every saturday night (since they have no good programs of their own that aren’t set in parts of the country where no one lives), that kind of has a hockey game going on amidst tirades from a loud guy dressed as a used car salesman and his meek, pun-slinging sidekick, or interviews with a group of know-it-all crankpots from around the league with bad comb-overs, toupées and worse opinions. So here’s the kind of trivia question we’d expect:

The dumbest, most misplaced force in hockey is:

a) Gary Bettman

b) Columbus Blue Jacket Fans


d) a certain Canadian broadcaster funded by tax dollars and auctions of Adriane Clarkson’s wardrobe with an inordinate focus on a red-headed girl from Prince Edward Island that no one gives a fuck about

e) rumours about Wendell Clark’s gayness


One Response

  1. about choice d: This past summer, I was unemployed, living with my folks, and really, REALLY bored. I stumbled upon the 8 part set of Anne of Green Gables and proceeded to read all of them, cover to cover, showing Anne as she grew up until he 40s or 50s. The first one wasn’t that bad (altough you have to keep in mind that the series started out in a church newsletter), but each book got progessively sappier until Rilla of Ingleside, which wasn’t even about Anne. I never throught a book set during World War I would be so dull and…chicky.
    /just had to get it out there for some reason

    oh, and the answer to the trivia question? toss up between a and b

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