Saturday Round-Up: Stomaching The Upset


1. Ottawa keeps losing. Mon dieu! Alfredsson is hurt with a pulled wang! But he’s hardly the only weapon in the Ottawa arsenal. Does America lament losing a single marine to an IED? Of course not. They know Nebraskans will go home and make more. Outshot 41-29, Ottawa loses its third straight. Philly 4, Ottawa 3.

2. Buffalo keeps winning. Lots of talent up font, but it’s young. Perhaps this season’s struggles come from lack of poise. Maybe this win, Buffalo’s second straight over the Habs, means Lindy Ruff is beating the confidence in there. Or beating them off in the shower. Or it’s dumb fucking luck. But they shut-out the leagues best powerplay. Buffalo 3, Montreal 0.

3. The Flames beat Colorado. They’d lost three of the last four against them, including blowing a 4-0 lead earlier this month. Spectacularly inconsistent (this week’s loss to Chicago, anyone?), they allowed a paltry 21 shots on Kiprusoff. Calgary 5, Colorado 2.

4. Phoenix is on a tear! Yes, they beat Toronto…who would be lucky to beat their own fucking farm team. But picking up Bryzgalov has been the difference for Phoenix. The Russian goalie has won all four games since leaving Anaheim. Without him, “coach” Gretzky was starting to look retarded(er). Phoenix 5, Toronto 1.

5. Washington, looking good post-Hanlon. How they beat the Hurricanes, among the best in the league, is beyond anyone. Yes, the ‘Canes Eric Cole is out with a fucked-up neck. But there’s Staal, Brind’amour, and Stillman to contend with. And they contended. Washington 5, Carolina, 2.


2 Responses

  1. cole was in last night against the caps- he had a pretty great goal, too.

  2. sonia: Yes. Cole was back. We forgot…

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