Leafs President Calls GM Ferguson “a mistake”

peddie_71422.jpg Ferguson

Fucking finally. The comments come now, as Leafs are near the basement of the Eastern Conference due to a stew of reasons. The Toronto media, for a change, has turned on its team rather than suckle from its dry, dry teat. Just one day after Leafs GM Ferguson denied that he attempted to fire his coach Paul Maurice, Richard Peddie, the Leafs’ president, told the Toronto Sun that it was a mistake to hire Ferguson. In case you don’t know about the Toronto Sun, it’s Canada’s New York Times, only with a daily portrait of a stripper/single mother buried in the sports section. Full story is here.


3 Responses

  1. i’ve always thought Ferguson was a douchebag and it seems every blogger in the fucking country agrees… why has he been there so long?

  2. I just love how when you click on the story, the first commenter is “i_hate_leafs_fans.” Nice subtly there, buddy.

  3. that jerkoff pisspot peddie get into politics, as he lies just as well as the faggot politicians do to get into office. why he is still there is beyond discussing. the faggot will walk with a package beyond the average person’s imagination. and all this for not having knowledge about any sport than beng a panty waste wimp. he could not care less if his soft ass is hit as he hit the piggy trough while oink oinking to the bank. next it will be frenzie time at asshole Millers’ trough. these two mega-pansy-clowns have slurped many a lie and thousands of our dollars.


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