Video: Hartnell Suspended For This Hit

Go to the 55 second mark of this video, en Francais. It’s from Monday’s game, in which the Flyers’ Scott Hartnell smashed the Bruins’ Andrew Alberts head in a hit, drawing a two-game suspension. Notice the subtle plastic deformation you can see in Alberts’ helmet when his head makes contact with the glass.

It is the second Boston-Philly game featuring headshots to Boston players. The last one was to Patrice Bergeron, who is still out of commish with concussion symptoms. Hartnell’s two-game suspension makes it 49 total suspension games in Philly’s season. Sooner or later, Srebrenica is going to look like a Sunday stroll to Dairy Queen.


2 Responses

  1. Once again a Flyer hockey player is suspended for a hit to the head resulting in injury. Once again the player is supended. Once again nothing is said or done to the Flyers coach, GM, or ownership.

    Want to stop this nonsense? Suspend the coach and GM for 10 games. Then see if the Flyers continue this undisciplined behaviour.

  2. Boyd, you forgot one important part of the cycle: The offending Flyer says he’s weally, weally sowwy, and it’s “not part of my game. I just go out there and finish all my checks. But I sure hope [insert other guy’s name] is OK.”

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