(Mostly) not gay, Avery to undergo surgery for limp wrist

highwrist.jpg oh, s-s-s-top!

Injury and surgery couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Yes, Sean Avery is hurt. Maybe it’ll stop his parading about the media. Seems he’s been everywhere lately, even a recent Q&A with the New York Times magazine. In it, Avery cites various “important” things he has around his house and things he covets, including the Dior men’s fashion line. But just to make sure we know his wrist wasn’t injured in a tragic “jazz hands” accident, and that he’s totally not gay–in case you were wondering, just because he wants to be an editor at a fashion magazine–he spelled it out for us with his final response in the Q&A. Avery said that always near his bed was “a beautiful woman.” If he means that disgusting Olsen twin he was banging, we figure “beautiful woman” must be code for “clock radio.”

Other retarded shit in Sean Avery’s life:

-“designer” high-tops by Yves St. Laurent
– a “lovely cashmere throw from a friend who works at
Calvin Klein”
– a Philippe Starck lamp, shaped like a machine gun. (“It lets you know there’s a man living in the house.”)


4 Responses

  1. If he’s not gay, then he’s possible the most metrosexual guy EVAR in the NHL. And considering a lot of the players in the league… that’s an accomplishment. I’m totally linking to your post, if not copy/pasting/attributing 🙂

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  3. […] Avery is known to hockey fans as a yeller of racist cancer jokes at his fellow professionals. To New Yorkers, Avery is known as an erudite closet homosexual with designer lamps and Yves St. Laur…. To Calgarians, he just […]

  4. […] by Ranger mistakes of old. But the video obviates another insight into the fabled organization: Sean Avery’s faux gayness isn’t his fault—it’s the New York […]

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