Pencils Up, Please


It’s not often that we discuss the wonders of college hockey on these pixels. That’s because most of us are from Canadia, where a hyper-efficient youth hockey system has done away with the need for universities altogether. But down here in the States, college is still one of the only ways for a young turk to get recognition for the academic skill it requires to skate, which leads to some great hockey and, more importantly, some great hockey rivalries. Tomorrow night, perhaps the greatest of these rivalries will take the ice when Boston University (4-7-2) and Boston College (4-3-5) meet for the first time this year.

In practical terms, this will be uneventful. BU’s plumbing the depths of Hockey East at the moment while BC’s fighting to maintain their mediocrity. If you want analysis, consider this: BU has scored 20 goals while going 2-2 in their last four games, and BC hasn’t won a game in over a month. But more importantly, consider this: these two schools hate each other for a whole host of off-ice reasons, including the Jesuit-sanctioned honky-ness that BU kids perceive in BC kids, and the delight that BC kids revel in knowing a lot of the BU kids got rejected from BC. Whatever starts tomorrow night will likely end in February’s Beanpot Tournament, so in that sense, the game matters.


2 Responses

  1. Nice—i hate christians, too! I wouldn’t if they loved everyone like they’re supposed to, but they don’t. So fuck them! Uh, wait… this has nothing to do with hockey, does it… sorry…

  2. Forgive me, but I also don’t follow college hockey, so I just have a question: if you commit a penalty here, are you on double secret probation?

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