In case you were watching the Cowboys game…

Last night in the NHL:

predators_79453.jpg Predating a steaming pile of awesomeness?

Ottawa: Oy. JP Dumont pots one and sets up three. Heatley, Alfredsson, and Spezza each score a pretty one. Martin Erat, however, roofs one over Gerber with 22 seconds left in the third for Ottawa’s fifth consecutive loss. We never thought “Ottawa” and “fifth consecutive loss” would ever appear in the same sentence. Since you don’t get to do that very often…it was Ottawa’s fifth consecutive loss. Nashville 6, Ottawa 5.

steen_77177.jpg Smells like Steen spirit, or just Astroglide

It was a snooze-fest in the South as the Leafs played the we sucked/we ruled/and now we suck again Thrashers. Some good moments in there, such as Belak‘s fight and Sundin‘s wicked backhand goal on the short side. It didn’t look tic-tac-toe or anything but the skill level to do something like that is retarded. Similarly, Ilya Kovulchuk‘s 20th goal of the season (he’s now the NHL’s goal leader) came from a laser from the high slot. Ten-game goals slumps were shattered for the likes of Alex Steen and Matt Stajan but who cares? They broke a four-game losing streak on a shitty team. These guys are still fucked. Toronto 4, Atlanta 2.

luongolong_1725.jpgHey buddy, why the Luong face?

Roberto Luongo posted his third consecutive shutout over Columbus tonight, a personal and franchise record for him. The Canucks are still without any offense, (they’re going to rely on the Sedin sisters and a mercurial Naslund as a top line?) but a conscious strategy to do as little as possible offensively seems to be working rather well for the Rangers. If Van’s last three games are any indication, if they get a top-line power forward in a trade and their D remain healthy, Vancouver could be a pitch-black horse. Vancouver 2, Columbus 0.

getzlaf1.jpgGetlaf, with guy who’s last name is vaginal

Jarome Iginla played his 804th game as a Flame, set up a beauty goal for Tanguay…and then promptly went to sleep. Getzlaf danced around Phaneuf like he was cast in stone and Perry put one in just over the line. Later, down 3-1 and on a powerplay, Keenan pulls his goalie (heh heh…in public, even) for a 6-on-4. This might be a good move if Calgary wasn’t 21st in the league on the powerplay. To no one’s surprise, probably not even to Keenan, Rob Niedermayer intercepts, scores from his own blue line, and pretty much ends it. It was Calgary’s third straight loss. Anaheim 4, Calgary 1.

zetterberg.jpg Red Wangs

Detroit are like the bad guys at the dojo in The Karate Kid: Swift, disciplined, scary, and prone to sweep the foot in a bind. Currently the top team in the NHL, they outshot Tampa Bay 17-1 in the first period alone. And yes, we hear a lot about Zetterberg, Datsyuk, and Lidstrom. But it’s guys like Jiri Hudler (a goal and an assist tonight), Holmstrom‘s fearlessness when he parks it in front of the net, that smooth QB of a defenseman Rafalski, and Chris Osgood‘s career-best goaltending that’s handily filling in the blanks, handing Tampa it’s SIXTH CONSECUTIVE LOSS. WE CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER, AND THAT’S WHY WE’RE SHOUTING. Detroit 4, Tampa Bay 2.


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