Knowing when to retire, volume #456,912


You’re 39. You’ve won two Cups. You’ve got 1,357 career points. So why not march your former thoroughbred racing ass down to the glue factory and turn your ass in?

Mark Recchi, the vet winger, waited a little too long and was sent there instead. After clearing waivers today, Recchi’s fate is up to his team. The Pens can either send him to the minors or negotiate buying him out of his $1.75 million contract. Either option blows for the future hall-of-famer. After last season, in which he mentored Malkin and Crosby and posted respectable numbers for his age, he’s managed just eight points in 19 games, and was a healthy scratch in seven of the last eight. Ouch.

So what the hell took so long? Does this man not know the joy of waking up at 11, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, taking a monster shit while plowing through the Times, and moping about until 3?


3 Responses

  1. hey man, what about Linden on Vancouver? same fate… mentored those little Swedish fucks for years and he’s now riding pine…

  2. Does this man not know the joy of waking up at 11, drinking absurd amounts of soda…and moping about until 3?
    Have you guys been watching me through my window again?

  3. […] even mention our giant Zubaz stock purchase.) And it seems we may have been premature to sentence Mark Recchi to the glue factory. Recchi, after clearing waivers and getting sent to the minors, was picked up by the Thrashers. Last […]

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