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Yawn Watch: Crosby Wins Another Award….


Crosby beat baller Steve Nash and skier Erik Guay to clinch the sports world equivalent of a Grammy: The Lou Marsh Award, which recognizes the greatest Canadian athlete each year. In the case of Nash, it’s serious company Crosby’s in. But seeing that this is Canada, and the award determined by sports journalists and broadcasters, it wasn’t much of a contest. In the case of the Canadian media, we’re still wondering how they’re able to cover the sport. It’s awfully hard to see the ice when Crosby’s balls are in your mouth.


One Response

  1. “Growing up in Cole Harbour, you don’t even think of things like this…” Crosby said.

    Fucking right Sydney… just a few questions for the committee: who the fuck is Erik Guay, Adam van Koeverden and Steve Molitor? And if they’re so important to Canadian sports, why haven’t the “Canadian Sports Press” put any of them on Sports Page One?

    And who the fuck is Lou Marsh? Isn’t he the guy running the restaurant out of ScotiaBank Place?

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