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Video: “That’s Leadership….”

Last night the Flyers beat the Penguins 8-2. This was due to a stew of reasons, but mostly to savagely bad goaltending and poor discipline (um, 96 minutes in penalties, Penguins?) The news was all about the Flyers: What’s-his-face had six points and who’s-his-nuts had five. Fine. But the highlight of the night was when 41-year-old Gary Roberts beat the living shit out of 23-year-old, 225-pound Ben Eager. Roberts was incensed that Eager had elbowed 250-pound Georges Laraque in the head and hunted down Eager. And look at Robers before commencing his punch-a-thon. He gives Eager the old-school, bare-knuckles, line-towing head fakes and hand cyclone. You can almost hear the 19th century Irish accent.

Anyway, watch this. This is leadership. Essentially, Roberts went to defend his team’s tough guy. This is the same guy, at age 41, who should be sitting in a rocking chair telling us wise things by the fire and buying life insurance.


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  1. gary roberts fucking rules. period.

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