Occasionally, we get it wrong. (Don’t even mention our giant Zubaz stock purchase.) And it seems we may have been premature to sentence Mark Recchi to the glue factory. Recchi, after clearing waivers and getting sent to the minors, was picked up by the Thrashers. Last night was his first game as a Thrasher (whatever the hell that means) and 39-year-old Recchi scored twice. Not bad for an old bastard. The Thrashers lost to the Bruins 5-3, but Recchi delivered on his promise to “show them.” And by “them,” he meant “big hairy nads.”

Recchi, who put up 68 points last year, claims his numbers sucked this year because he plummeted through Pittsburgh’s lines, dropping from the first line to the third and then surrendering his role on the PP. No wonder, eh?


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