Sean Avery Is Totally Not A Big Flaming Fag


A couple of weeks ago, we had this to say about Avery. This week, he remains completely not gay.

Case in point? He found himself in the non-gay New York Times again, about 30 pages away from the Sports section….in the manly, tough-guy, non-nonsense fashion section. Seems our boy Avery found the time after his wrist fortification surgery to eat manly things like rock shrimp tempura at Nobu Next Door. Not only did he have all sorts of modest things to say about himself such as “in a way, I want to make our sport cooler” but he also explained his manly penchant for painting his nails. (Check the above photo.)

Avery then told his male companion that his hat made him look “like one of the guys in The Band,” which, as any guy knows, complimenting another man’s looks is perfectly acceptable. Then Avery said, “I’d rather hang myself than talk about sports,” and then changed the topic to the New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Atta boy, Paris. You stay famous.


2 Responses

  1. Well…. at least he’s got a purse with which to hit the opposing players bearing down on him… as he screams like the little bitch he is, and wets himself.

  2. Sean, Sean–dark colours make your nails look shorter and it is harder to hide nicks in the enamel. A lighter colour is easier to maintain and makes the nails look more elegant. You stay classy, Avery

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