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Video: Tucker Punched 25 Times In The Head And Other Pornography

Tucker vs. Ruutu is like AIDs fighting Ebola. Two horrible diseases facing off, and everyone secretly hoping they’d both cancel each other out and die already. Jarko Ruutu landed 25 out of 32 punches thrown in a 55-second fight with Tucker, currently of 9 points in 32 games fame. After his ass pounding, the Pens potted three goals in less than a minute. Pittsburgh 6, Toronto 2

Another shutout for Luongo. Jesus. Vancouver 3, New York Rangers 0

Tired after a win at home over the Rangers, Calgary heads to CA for their second game in as many nights. Calgary scores early, San Jose matches. Calgary scores again. Craig Rivet follows with a bazooka. Then San Jose owns Calgary in the third period but Flames D keeps them to the outside of the rink, provided they’re not allowing Patrick Marleau and Torrey Mitchell the odd breakaway or two. Kiprussoff stands on his head, wang, and elbows to push it to OT. San Jose, however, failed to cover Iginla. Oh, and if the guys changing the garbages at the HP pavillion are reading this, if you’re working after San Jose’s practice today, here’s a friendly tip: quit now. Calgary 3, San Jose 2


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  1. Video: Tucker Punched 25 Times In The Head And Other Pornography

    wow. I originally read that as “Tucker punched 25 times in the Head and offered pornography. That would make it much more…interesting…

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