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“The Price is Wrong, Bitch”


Bob Barker’s line from his seminal role (seminal!) in Happy Gilmore aside, Carey Price recieved the ultimate testicular sucker punch today: He’d been sent to the Canadiens’ minor team in the Almost Hockey League. Joining him will be fellow rookie Kyle Chipchura. Sending Price is a bit odd considering the guy had decent non-Theodore numbers ( 9-7-0, 2.90 GAA, .907 save percentage). And considering that every douche commentator put him next to Patrick Kane for top rookie, it’s a real shocker. Well, a shocker sans lube.

Come to think of it, the minors wasn’t a total surprise. Montreal booed the shit out of the poor guy after he spent 60 minutes sieving it out to the Capitals. But this is what Montreal fans do best. They have this thing for taking every lesson a world-class goalie has learned in the first 20 years of his life, tear it into a pile of anxieties, and top liberally with shit that’s been all covered in cancer…or they just send them to the Avalanche where they either win Cups or ride pine. C’est la vie, Price. Get used to it.


3 Responses

  1. just for conditioning. he’ll be back shortly

  2. They love to say that: “Just for conditioning.”

    When Montreal fans boo, the GM’s listen.

  3. I keep thinking the other guy is Chupracabra, which would be so cool it’s not even funny. Also, any chance to use Bob Barker is a chance to take!

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