Slacking, but some tidbits

We’re chilling the fuck out in an undisclosed country for a week or so, somewhere far from the sounds of Jeanneret and

Bob Cole:

And yeah, we missed the All-Star Sort-of-Star game with the mic’d up goalies who took on Bettman while live play was happening all around them…and allowing a goal just 15 seconds into this glorious/horrible experiment. Trust me, we’ll well aware of how much we suck for our absenteeism. So we’re phoning it in. Specifically:

Teemu and the Ducks. On terms. Jesus. If he’s good for a post-break 20 goals, everyone in the division is in substantially deeper shit than before. Nevermind the play, read that shit about the performance enhancement bonus.

Emery misses another practice. What a tard. Does he not know he’s not on the top of the shitlist so much as he’s hard bound it as a signed copy? Oy.

Vancouver’s blueline, once classified as a natural disaster, is approaching genocide territory. No Bieksa, and now no Mitchell. Forecast calls for Bobby Luongo giving his best “hey, what can you do?” Italian schtick to the cameras…while quietly dying a little inside.

Oilers may have a new owner in pharmacy magnate Darryl Katz. Does it even matter? Nobody good wants to play there. Not even Hemsky…and he’s THERE. Oh well. At least they’ll have access to free douchebags to augment the ones they’re paying.


2 Responses

  1. I love how the music playing in the Tucker video is “I Did It” from Dave Mathews Band

  2. hehe… the cell-phone-in-the-mask trick was sick laughs:

    We need bumper stickers. Get off the damn phone and stop the fucking puck.

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