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Back by popular Remand

“See how we get shit done? Say Aaaaaaaahhh…”

Dear Gary,

Thanks for letting Tocchet come back to coach on Thursday. As in, tomorrow. Just to make sure you remember, this is the guy who ran an illegal sports gambling operation with the help of a former police officer, the shit storm of which enveloped this guy’s boss, head coach Wayne, who’s head you’ll remember from such crotches as your own. Good move, man. We’re glad you’ve got the capacity to turn the other ass cheek…into Gretzky’s face.
Your explanation was perfectly clear: “The reality of this case never lived up to the massive amount of hype and speculation circulating in the initial days after the investigation was made public.”

Perfect. We understand and we’re willing to drop this if you agree to never present the Stanley Cup to the winning captain again. Fair is fair.

But how much of the investigation was made public? How many FOI requests were put out and how much does the public really know? And even if the public had all the information, does it matter? Sports gambling is sports gambling. Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t about hockey. Who the fuck cares? Who’s to say that when Tocchet’s NFL gambling hobby dried up (between February through October, perhaps?) Tocchet wouldn’t have dipped into hockey?

Yes, Gary, wondering if Tocchet would ever get involved in hockey gambling IS speculation. So be it. Let the law sort it out and let him be tried for what he actually did. But it’s up to you to permit or restrict his access back into the NHL.




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