The Oilers May Not Suck…by 2011 or so


The Oilers have been sold to Daryl Katz. Mazel Tov! All of us are kvelling about it. For his part, the shy pharmacy macher had a lot of smart stuff to say, particularly about how he intends to be passionate and wants to attempt to win. The previous owners were, like the Leafs, a multi-party concatenation of retards that any MBA textbook would use as a non-example. So, by concentrating ownership into a single Tylenol hawker, the Oil may have a fighting chance after all.

oilers1.gif The old rink may be a thing of history.

Katz has also pledged to build the team a new arena in the downtown core to make them a city centerpiece. This shouldn’t be too hard. For anyone who’s ever been to Edmonton, you already know this: Frank Gehry could build a cathedral made of radioactive dog shit and, voila, you’d have the nicest building in town. But for Katz to release this to the international media who don’t know this, bravo. And with this alone, this under-promise and over-deliver, Katz is already adhering to the MBA text book advice that appears on page 1. The bonus marks will come if he turfs GM Kevin Lowe for his Penner idiocy, his Vanek luring, his public war of wits with Brian Burke (for which Lowe was poorly armed).


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