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Rob Blake Hearts Los Angeles

blake_rob2.jpgDespite rumors, Rob Blake wants to stay in LA

Waive it. Waive your goddamn trade clause. Don’t be a pussy. Do everyone a favor, yourself included, and get the fuck out of there. We know, LA needs a puck moving defenceman, a “veteran” presence, and “grit…” or whatever cliche du jour the newspapers vomit forth. Not quite. LA doesn’t need a puck-moving defenceman: They need, oh, about six of them. LA’s blueline has made more mistakes in their own end than an aspiring actress on a casting couch. Look at the numbers. Two hundred and one goals against. Most in the league. And it’s not like LaBarbara is entirely terrible between the pipes. (He’s only partially terrible whereas Dan Cloutier is egregiously shitty.) Seriously, LA doesn’t need a puck-moving defenceman as much as they need a cap-moving defenceman. Blake’s $6 million salary would free up some sorely needed space to sign some better shut-down blueliners. Shit, why not ditch Blake and his -13 rating along with his 38-year-old body and get after Brian Campbell sweepstakes? Campbell is ten years younger, an all-star PP set-up man, and just mean enough in the open ice hitting department. Come on, Rob. Buffalo’s beautiful this time of year.


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