Campbell let’s Pronger off the hook. Way to go, racist.

Cleaning snow off your skate was never easier. Thanks, Ryan.

Colin Campbell elected to grant Chris Pronger a free pass today: The big guy gets out of what would surely been a fucking prison sentence for stomping on the Canucks’ Ryan Kesler last night. Kesler told TSN that Pronger chopped him on the calf. This is close to home for Vancouver. Defenceman Kevin Bieksa recently returned from 1994 Rwanda when he suffered a huge hack out of his leg.

Anyway, several things are afoot (ha! OMG!) with this:

1. Pronger has a messed-up face at the moment. He’s been wearing that retarded face guard thing. It’s like a dog with the veterinary lampshade on its head. Even if the dog bites children in the face and needs a swift kick in the vagina, the lampshade makes it suddenly cute and cuddly and how can you push his nose in his own shit if there’s a goddamn lampshade on his head?

2. Colin Campbell suspended Chris Simon, a North American native/first nations/aboriginal, for precisely the same crime. Way to go, racist.

3. Unlike Simon, Chris Pronger is actually good.


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