Avery: Still Not Dead…but hurt

And by “spleen” do they mean “vagina?”


Video: Hitler reacts to the situation in Vancouver

One team. Two chins. No job.

Nonis was fired. And predictably, the Brian Burke rumors are flying. Not the ones about him and Todd Bertuzzi on a Sunday in May, top down on the LeBaron, KFC take-out bags balled up and discarded in the back seat and miles and miles of nothing but….togetherness. No. The other ones.

Quote of the year

Maybe. Just fucking maybe. It’s right up there with Belak’s “we’ve all been caught with our pants down.”

My Favourite Time of Year


More Summer Love Notes


What to do when your season is over and you need a reason to play… for the Edmonton Oilers that means sharing their misery with a division rival! A game after having their playoff hopes dashed, the injury-addled Oilers eliminated the increasingly pathetic Vancouver Canucks from postseason play with a 2-1 win Thursday night. To add insult to injury, the Oilers hadn’t beaten the Canucks in regulation in almost 16 months. Sweet!

“Fucking with Vancouver’s head is a great way to finish the season,” said goalie Dweezil Rolfingson.

And fuck with the Canucks those Oilies did. Needing a win to control their playoff fate after Minnesota clinched the Northwest Division title by beating Calgary earlier in the evening, Vancouver didn’t manage a goal until a power play with 6:57 left in the third (despite a thousand earlier power plays). Too little, too late as the Canucks lost for the sixth time in seven games and bowed out of the playoffs for the second time in three years.

“We’ve got no one to blame but ourselves… and possibly our fucking Swedishness… plus Roberto Luonginio and his new baby,” captain Markus Naslundersson said, drying his eyes. “In a must-win game we didn’t find a way to do it. If you don’t win these games you don’t deserve to be there. Actually, we don’t really deserve to be in the NHL—but that’s another story. Now all I have to look forward to is Daniel Alfredsson self-destructing again in Ottawa. Poo.”

In the end, the noble Oilers went down fighting, while Vancouver went down doing what they do best… underachieving and snivelling like little girls. Or Swedes.

Dear Edmonton: