Dallas: Once the Toast of Texas, Soon to be Texas Toast

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia. The Battle of Pennsylvania. Blue Collar Mining Town vs. Financial, Political and Intellectual Center. Two high-flying squads that hate each other’s guts for the shallowest of reasons. A classic match-up for a Stanley Cup semi-final. But the Dallas Stars vs. Detroit Red Wings? It’s almost sad. The Wings are dissecting the Stars with characteristic laissez faire. And Dallas? They’ve gone as soft as a post-coital weenie. Modano where are ye? They may win one at home. Maybe. But it won’t matter. Even Don Cherry has written them off. Like we said: toast.


One Response

  1. As a Sharks fan, I am happy the Stars are falling to Detroit. A fun article to read. Post-coital weenie? šŸ˜‰ I can only hope the Sharks figure out why they collapse in the playoffs, year after year. We did show a great deal of heart and soul game six, but that powerplay in the 4rth OT killed us. Sigh…

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