Jesus, we need us some writers

Meanwhile, let’s talk about US for a minute. As in WayOffside. We need us some writers. Who’s in? Send us an e-mail with a blurb about hockey and if it’s good, you’re in. There’s room for two or three. Try us at

Meanwhile, let’s catch up: Sweden Detroit won the Cup. Fanfuckingtastic, and man, it was a shocker. As in, three in the front and one in the back. (Who wants to watch a foregone conclusion? Who wants to watch Europeans, who could give a shit about the most coveted trophy in sports, hoist the mug and parade about with awkward and/or fake excitement? Well, at least Dan Cleary got to parade about. That guy wanted it.)

Also, free agency is coming July 1. Tradesville and rumors flaring up all over the place. So far, the Preds decided Ellis was the future (he was) and Mason a sieve (he was), the Leafs traded for a tough guy who’s older than me, Sundin’s talking to Montreal, Sutter’s “pumped” about drafting 17th overall, Malkin’s reportedly talking to a Russian club for insane money, and Vancouver may or may not be shopping the Sedin sisters. Oh, and some black guy is running for president.


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