Congratulations, you’re not retarded: Way Offside is about hockey. If you’re American, you have probably heard of this game. It’s usually sandwiched between bowling highlights on a satellite sports channel somewhere in the 600’s. If you’re Canadian, you know as much as we do. Maybe more. Go ahead and leave comments to posts. E-mail any rumours, news, gossip or lies to wayoffside@gmail.com.


9 Responses

  1. Dude, this is hillarious…..had the boys at the office killing themselves over this shit. Keep those trash talk Oilers logos coming.

  2. Best. Blog. Ever.

    In the history of the interwebs, and stuff.

    Please continue.

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!


  4. man I love those bowling highlights. you can’t get enough.

    well done fine sir. If you ever get a blogroll up, keep us in mind. we’re on the same wavelength, eh?

  5. hilarious stuff.. you make the guys at FHF seem unfunny and lame

    just kidding guys… FHF rocks!

  6. This is my new favorite hockey blog not named Melt Your Face-Off. I think we were separated at birth.

  7. Jeez, Jake! How the hell do my Wild out-shoot your Flames 39 to 16 and end up losing 2-1?
    Embarrassing. Simply embarrassing.

    Interesting note: there’s a lot of talk on your site about gay this and gay that. You do know that the term “flame” has been used to describe gays, right.
    I’m not sayin’ … I’m just sayin’.

    What is Forsberg going to do with the Avs? I will expect a story (a gay story) very soon!


  8. Coloradans might not know shit about hockey, but they know to cheer Forsberg when he gets on the ice!

  9. Why the fuck can’t the Wild beat the Flames in Calgary?!?!?! I know Kippy is sick between the pipes, but come on!

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