Instructions: 1) Push Play. 2) Examine pants for traces of shit

Absolutely sick. Martin Havlat may skate-kick others like a bitch and appear as fragile as a French supermodel with osteoperosis, but fuck, can the guy get it done.

And even though it was the start of a rout of the Coyotes, the Hawks fired Savard today, opting to replace him with coach Q. Joel Quenville, unceremoniously dumped by the Avs last year and replaced with Granato, needed a job. As for the ‘Hawks, their decision makes total sence. Khabibulin is playing well, Toews is captain, Kane is coming off the Calder, Pat Sharp is poised to remove his head out of his ass, Campbell scored his first of the season, and the team just won decisely. Makes sense to us.